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The Procedure for the Purchase of Property

Purchasing the property in Cyprus by foreigners is implemented with the permission of the Ministerial Committee. However, the above mentioned permission can be obtained by any solvent purchaser. 

Foreigners are permitted to purchase for their own use either an apartment or plot of land for construction of property , or a house on the plot of land the total area of which does not exceed 3 donums (43,200 sq.ft = 4,012 sq.m), i.e. one title deed per person is permitted. However, the permission for the larger area can be obtained should there be special reasons.

The legal protection of foreign investments including purchasing of property is provided by International regulations, which were signed and ratified by the Republic of Cyprus ( for example "The World Bank Convention on settling Investment disputes between states and citizens of different counties", which was ratified by the Law # 64 dated 1966 as a part of internal Legislation of Cyprus).

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